Our Services


Refreshing Spa Manicure$20

Soak your hands in warm bowl of water, shape nails, cuticle removal, deep penetrating lotion massage, and polish.

Deluxe Spa Manicure$35

Includes soaking your hands in warm bowl of water, shape nails, cuticle removal, massage with sugar scrub for exfoliation, lotion plus paraffin therapy to help your skin retain moisture, hot towels and polish

Gel Polish$25

Soak-off gel polish is applied over your natural nails that last up to 2 weeks. No drilling, no chipping, ready to go and great for long lasting polish!

Gel Polish Manicure$40

Soak your hands in warm bowl of water, shape nails, cuticles removal, deep penetrating lotion massage and gel polish of your choice.

SNS (On Real Nails)$50

SNS French Tips$55

SNS Full Set$60

SNS Manicure $60

SNS Full Set French$65

SNS Ombre$60 & Up

SNS Powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer, and no UV light. SNS is healthiest for nails, unlike gel color and acrylic. SNS Dip Powder is most natural, light weight, easy to do and most importantly it helps your nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of vitamins and calcium.


Volcano Pedicure (50 mins)$57

Choice of fragrance scent: Lavender, Honey Pearl
Includes Voesh pedicure with moisturizing collagen cream mask, extended collagen massage lotion, hot stone, hot towel and choice of regular polish

OPI Spa Pedicure (35 mins)$47

Your feet will be soaked in a spa tub as we trim, shape up, remove cuticle and calluses, massage with sugar scrub, lotion, mask and hot towel, hot stone. Finished up with your choice of polish.
Choose from the following scents:
A. Lavender
B. Green Tea C. Orange

Voesh Spa Pedicure(50 mins)$50

Tub liner, sea salt soak, cuticle cut, feet scrubbing, exfoliate with sugar scrub, masque wrapped in hot towels, extra massage time, hot stone treatment and polish with your choice of colors.
6-in-1 VOESH Pedicure
- Sea Salt Soak
- Moisture Scrub
- Mud Masque
- Massage Lotion
- Callus Remover
- Finishing Moisturizer
Your Choice of Scents:
Milk & Honey Aloe Aloe

Refreshing Spa Pedicure (30 mins)$35

This pedicure includes nail shaped, cuticle removal, heel scrub, massage with lotion and nail polished, regular + scrub

Jelly Pedicure (50 mins)$53

Our Jelly pedicure is truly a unique spa experience. A gel forms when the powdered jelly is added to the water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy jelly. It provides the ultimate relied for stress and muscles, hot stone massage. It helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin.

Prince/Princess Spa Pedicure$25

Under 5 year old kid pedicure
You are never too young to be pampered! This spa pedicure includes all the benefits of the refreshment spa pedicure (Organic Products for Kids)

***All pedicures above included regular polish, extra $20 for gel polish


Acrylic Nails (Reg Polish) Full Set$40 & Up

Acrylic Nails (Reg Polish) Fill-In$30 & Up

Full Set Toe$45

Powder Gel Full Set $45 & Up

Powder Gel Fill-In$35 & Up

Powder Color Full Set$55 & Up

Powder Color Fill-In$45 & Up

Solar Pink & White Full Set$65 & Up

Solar Pink & White Fill-In$50 & Up

Solar Full Set$45 & Up

Solar Fill-In$35 & Up

Acrylic & Gel Polish Full Set$50 & Up

Acrylic & Gel Polish Fill-In$40 & Up

Gel & Gel Polish Full Set$55 & Up

Gel & Gel Polish fill-In$50 & Up

Ombre Full Set$60 & Up

Ombre Fill-In$45

Gel Polish $25

French Tip Gel Polish $35

Real Nail $50


SNS with Tips $60

SNS French Tips$55

SNS Length Extra$5 & Up

Toe Acrylic$8/each Toe

***Prices may vary depend on nail/length/shape

Additional Services

Soak off Acrylic or Gel Polish$15

Repair each$5 & Up

Nail Art Each $5 & Up

Cut Down$5

Polish Change $15

French Polish Change$20

Kids Polish$10